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GoordsGoords Posts: 2Member

My most sincere salutations to all of you.

From a web post that drew my attention, I have made my decision to run a game development company (from which I completed my Business Administration studies six months ago). Although its still very distant to compete with the "biggies" (Talk about EA, and OH, MY! 35+ years of Game Development experience on multiple platforms).

My sole emphasis will be on racing games, and some other non-combat vehicle simulations unless stated otherwise. It could also include management simulations as well.

I was initially starting to create games on Unity, but due to the complexity of its nature I went with this engine instead as I accumulate experience and also knowledge on coding games in different programming languages.

BTW, so far meeting you guys here, and to all newcomers in game developers, I wish you best of luck in your journey.


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