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;( i give up.......... i cant do anything, cant even make a simple game i want to make..... im done with this game making future, i just want to make a simple mario or donkey kong game for IOS. bye gamesalad i just cant do it


  • SnapFireStudiosSnapFireStudios Posts: 1,603Member
    edited December 2014


    Best of luck with whatever is next for you!

    -- Thomas

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  • yoshi989388yoshi989388 Posts: 3Member

    ban me

  • gamestudentgamestudent Posts: 504Member, PRO

    If your looking for motivation, take a break. A couple weeks or months should do. If your for serious quiting, then I'm really sorry. Good luck.

  • MalkovichMalkovich Posts: 116Member, PRO

    Your first forum post is for resignation? for me that means you do not even have tried. I recommend you watch tutorials ( there are lots ) and make simple games first. Good luck.

  • AlchimiaStudiosAlchimiaStudios Posts: 1,019Member, PRO

    Most thing in life take a lot of work to get better at. If you really have given it your all, then best of luck in your future endeavors, hope you find what's right for you.

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  • gyroscopegyroscope I am here.Posts: 6,577Member, Sous Chef, PRO
    edited December 2014

    Hi @yoshi989388 As has been said, check out the manual and Cookbook tutorials as your first stop.

    Making games takes time, patience, skills and experience learnt, etc, etc. They don't just happen. GameSalad is an excellent program to make some amazing games that others have made - and some of those started with no experience at all.

    It's like you've picked up a guitar and wailed: "I can't even play a simple song like... name that song "

    Btw, to make a Mario or Donkey Kong game isn't particularly simple....

    So no point throwing the towel in right at the beginning because you can't press a magic button to make it all happen at once....

    It'll take you weeks/months to get up to speed with even the simplest of full game, years for more complex ones. Best of luck if you persevere.

    P.S If you start any more threads in the future, please make your thread title as descriptive as possible so people know what your question is, thanks.

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  • The_Gamesalad_GuruThe_Gamesalad_Guru Posts: 9,913Member

    Game making isn't for everyone. It requires lots of work and isn't easy. Just because one likes playing games doesn't mean you'll enjoy or be good at making them.

  • Thunder_ChildThunder_Child Posts: 2,343Member

    Wow....sounds like me about a year ago....8 games on the App Store later....still frustrated.


    There are way to many platformer style templates available to be thinking its time to give up. I would suggest searching google for a "platformer_kit gamesalad"

    Seek and you shall find the way.

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