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Unable to preview my game on my Android Phone

yoyobid12yoyobid12 Posts: 21Member, PRO
edited December 2014 in Help Wanted

Hi Everybody,

I'm trying to preview my game on my Android phone....

Configuration :
GS PRO version
Mac OS 10.9.5
Version Adroid : 4.3
Phone type : GT-I9300
GS Viewer Android last version.
Game salad prefrences : /Users/****/SDK/platform-tools/adb

First I download the file and followed the step described in the article (The update is nearly 24Go ( I uploaded everything from 1.5 to 5.0.1) maybe stupid but I'm sure that i didn't miss anything.
3. I installed the GS viewer on my phone who's fetching " Game salad creator".

And still no viewer button on GS and of course it's not possible to see the game on... Do you have any solution or a link ( tutoirial / video) to solve this problem ?

All the best.

Thanks for your help ;-)


  • jigglybeanjigglybean Posts: 1,584Member

    Just upload your apk file to google play (if thats what you are using) or Amazon as a beta/testing product and add yourself or friends to the testing portal via email links. You can then download the apk file directly, then open it directly on your phone I believe

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