Freeze at connecting to iPhone.

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I've never had any problems with this, but since the last update my mac freezes (can't click back button) at connecting to device, and the iPhone just says waiting for connection. The weird thing is that it works fine occassionally, but most of the time not. I've reinstalled the 8.7 viewer on my iPhone three times, and after an install it works good, but after a while it seems to stop finding the device again. I'm connecting through a network I've created in my macbook. Anyone had similar issues?

Any help or suggestions greatly appreciated.


  • StrobanikStrobanik Member Posts: 77
    Maybe I should clarify, Gamesalad freezes, not the whole computer. And sometimes, if you wait a minute or two, I will come back to the creator again. So maybe you can call it a half-freeze.
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    I have a similar issue.
    Everything works fine up to the loading of the game into the viewer. The phone freezes but Creator works fine. The beginnings of the blue loading bar appear on the phone but the loading bar in Creator stays white.

    It happened before, about 6 months ago, and I think I had to wait for the next update for it to be fixed.
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    I just publish and create a .app and sync it on to my ipod through xcode.... much less headache.... and no worrying about viewer versions/ problems etc.

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