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Hi, I'm a 2D Graphic Artist (Vector) for hire

nikkyoryzanonikkyoryzano Posts: 195Member

Hi, My name is Nikky. I'm a 31 year old 2D graphic designer (vector) with years of experience, now available for freelance work. Been using Game Salad and making games for 2 years, but now focusing on Graphic Design again. I can do characters, items, animations, backgrounds, re-skinning, UI design, game cover, icons, logos, in any kind of 2D art assets. My rate at the moment is 14$ per hour, I can also work with a fixed price (with an asset list). You can see some of my 2D art works for my games, on my website

I work fast, understand deadline, work on weekends and holidays, understand time zone deference, I don't sleep to much anyway, prefer Paypal for safe payments, not interested in profit sharing, or free works. I'm full-time freelance so my focus is on this. Feel free for asking me the estimate of the cost, it maybe cheaper then you think it is.

If you got any questions or need an estimate, you can PM me, or contact me here:

Or email me at : [email protected]

Thank you.

Here are some of my works :





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