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Free Advertising opportunity

As it's Christmas, I feel in the festive mood and had an idea.

What if other GS users with apps, gave some space in their game or free advert linking directly to another GS user game? So here it goes

I am due to update a popular flappy game of mine on the Amazon Store - currently has over 11k in downloads and daily boot ups of around 3k. I will be adding my own 'More Games' page and would like to include some of YOUR work.

The conditions -
Your app MUST be on Amazon App Store, or they will reject mine and I don't want that. So your Amazon URL.
Your app must NOT be a flappy game
You must supply a small 64x64 icon and a text graphic with the name of your app.

I plan to add 10 games, and it will be first come first served. Either drop me a direct PM with all the above or email me.

Merry Christmas!

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