Anyone want to explain "Plug-ins" to me?


In a non GameSalad area, I recently found myself having to be in charge of the business new project, and within that there are Plug-ins.

Now, I am not a coder, and have no Idea what plug-ins are. I think I have a basic understanding but not enough to find some information for googling. I have meeting with a developer who will spend 2 hours explaining to me the process (Costing me $2 500) but I would really like to have a basic understanding so I can skip the basic stuff.

If anyone willing to share or help out that would be great - or re-direct me to a web site. I really only need enough to start refining my google searches.

  1. What are plug-ins in a basic definition (Wikipedia does't provide a specific)

  2. Are plug-ins only for certain websites, or web-servers / hosts. I understand that we will be creating one plug-in for word-press websites.

  3. Is there a way to have one plug-in for all websites? Our websites are just coded to my knowledge, there are not any third-party type servers or host or builders. Is it possible to create a plug-in for that.

  4. Is there anything else I need to know about plug-ins that the average Joe knows?

The plugin is going to be used to turn a "Contact Us" Link into a better design button instead of a link.

Thank you for reading and would love to hear!


  • jamie_cjamie_c Member, BASIC Posts: 5,670

    The general term "plug-in" can mean lots of different things depending on the software it references. For example a Photoshop plug-in vs a Wordpress plug-in. In probably all cases a plug-in adds extra functionality to whatever software it "plugs in to".

    Sounds like you might be asking about Wordpress plug-ins since you mention websites, is that correct? If so there are hundreds if not thousands of Wordpress plug ins that add everything from fancy contact pages to support for foreign languages.

  • GreenBeanGreenBean Member Posts: 3

    @jamie_c Thanks,

    Certainly referring to website plug ins such as WordPress plug ins. However the part that I am having trouble to understand, (My previous job is PR and has nothing to do with coding), is that the business has a large number of websites and blogs that are associated with them. Therefore each are made by different software or coding. (Not just word press or blogger). Can a single plug in be downloaded, installed and used by all of them despite what software they used to create their blog. Such as Safari plug in.

    A plug in is simply adding better UI disign whenever our site web address is mentioned. To get more conversion rates.


  • neomanneoman Member Posts: 817
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    Plug-ins just add extra functionality.

    To answer your question no one plug-in does not work for all. Say you need a plug-in to embed videos into your web page. If you are using WordPress you will need a plug-in for WordPress and if you are Blogger you will need another. If you have a coded website there might not be a plug-in and it might have to be coded or there might be one it depends. Hope that clarifies it for you.

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