Please checkout my latest game: Jumping Jupiters!

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Good Day All,

I'm glad to announce my 2nd Gamesalad game: Jumping Jupiters!

It is extremely simple, fun and exciting.

It is available on both iOS and Android platforms.

Kuwali the koala is stranded on planet Jupiter. A hungry crocodile lives on planet Jupiter. The hungry crocodile wants to eat Kuwali! Run Kuwali Run! The hungry crocodile is fast. Kuwali needs to jump. You need to help Kuwali jump over the hungry crocodile. Be careful, the hungry crocodile gets faster and faster!

Hope you enjoy it! If you do, please rate my app and provide constructive feedback!

I love Gamesalad and I am going to keep making apps with it!

Thank you All, I really appreciate it!

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