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Keystore problem

yoyobid12yoyobid12 Posts: 21Member, PRO
edited December 2014 in Help Wanted

Hi Guys,

The password of my keystore doesn't work.

In order to create the keystore i followed the process describe in this article ( and it seems to work because aT the end of the process the file is created).

I changed 10.000 to 100.000 because i read somewhere it produce an error ( but a created a keystore with the 10.000 exemple but still the same result.... I read in an other article ( because i'm french) that sometimes it doesn't works because it's not an english keyboard.... I also made the test.

When i'm arriving at the screen none of my password works... From the more complexe to the stupid like 121212 (6 caracters are needed).

I don't know where to look...

Any solutions guys ?

Thanks and good luck for your projects.


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