"Docking Sequence" by Quantum Sheep :D

My new game, Docking Sequence, is out! Hurrah!


So I’ve been playing a lot of Elite: Dangerous of late (and loving it) and really liked how they made the docking part (the hardest bit of the original ‘Elite’) into a mini-game.

And it got me wondering, ‘Can you make a 2D mini-game out of docking?’

Apparently you can! This is Docking Sequence! :D

Here’s some blurb:

“It is a truth universally acknowledged, that the single hardest part of space travel is docking…”

A 2D Pixel Art game by Quantum Sheep, inspired by the docking sequence from the classic ‘Elite’ as well as Kubrick’s seminal work, 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Pilot your ship across 10 systems to dock in 100 stations and make your way home!

Stations rotate, making docking tricky. Then there’s those pesky space pirates to deal with. Asteroid fields. Mines. Wormholes.

But the trickiest part, by far, is docking! As you’ll soon discover!

Good luck, Pilot! :D


*100 space stations across 10 different systems to dock with!

*10 different spaceships to unlock and fiy!

*Six chiptune music tracks provided by the awesome Classical 8bit http://classical8bit.tumblr.com

*Challenging hazards such as asteroids, space pirates, mines, wormholes and even mysterious black monoliths!

*Excess fuel unlocks different colour schemes!

*Rescuing astronauts unlocks new music!

*No IAP or Ads!

I have totally screwed up the screenshots before someone mentions that! My bad! :(

I’ve had some amazing and totally unexpected coverage for this game - it’s really taken me by surprise!

Pocket Gamer described it as a ‘Parking Simulator in space’ - brilliant :D


Touch Arcade have mentioned it twice now, which is lovely!:



AppSpy did a fab ‘Hands on’


Oh, and it’s been featured on the US App Store :O

Give it a go! Let me know what you think! You can play an early version, which I entered for a GS GameJam here (though it’s much better on a device!):



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