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GPS Soccer Manager Game

EBAIBA67EBAIBA67 Posts: 3Member

Hi all..

I'm searching for a soccer fan with whom I can develop the ultimate soccer manager APP game.

I played for years soccergames on internet like hattrick, soccerproject.

Then several APPS like : runplay (stopped, was good game), OSM, Dream League Soccer, Top Eleven , Soccer Manager, etc.

I am completely incapable of programming anything .. but I am expert in setting up / preparing / defining the strategy, parameters. , etc.
In a few Excel sheets I have everything prepared to develop this game.

In Basic you start with pinpointing your stadium GPS based on your home location.
(I have seen only one game so far doing this).
FB connection as an option. Then you are able to name the players according to the names of your friends.
(Never seen this before).

I have constructed/prepared a game engine where you are able to analyse also your next opponent..

Most of all the game should be free in my opinion from players being able to buy with real money additional sets.
It should be a 100% pure managing-skill-game.

With some adds you could finance some .. perhaps even work with a large company like Adidas or Nike to promote.
I will try to get them on board during development of the game.

No budget ... to develop it should be fun and working together. I live in the Netherlands.

If you are interested and able to make universal iPhone-Android-etc. APP with GPS-FB-database-gameengine function, PM me

Or mail me



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