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Hello all, I have encountered a very odd error (or so I think.)I have a game that I have working with ads on iPhone, and GameSalad (for testing and obviously doens't display ads) and then I had working on Android until I added a different revMob
key / add type for droid. Now my Android version doesn't function properly at all from the various buttons not working or having delays to the game rules not working at all. The same version that doesnt run on Android functions perfectly on iOS and in GameSalad. I though it was a revMob issue so I tried a build with no revMob and still the same error. Am I overlooking something? Any help or suggestions would be great.



  • HigherAltitudeStudiosHigherAltitudeStudios Member, PRO Posts: 1

    Update - cant even create a new APK file inside the Android tab. After doing a bit of research on this I know that a little over a year ago there were server issues on GameSalad's end that caused publishing errors. Could this be causing my errors of trying to publish new builds for the android version trying to fix it over the last 6 hours?

  • jigglybeanjigglybean Member Posts: 1,584

    When you build for Android, ensure that you have the latest SDK version, and that your SDK is updated to the lowest level of Android you wish to support.

    Android can have delays when pressing buttons - I have the same in some of my games.

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