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[Free] Cadie - Productivity app

Freedom to Forget. Capture and retrieve your stuff along with recommendations precisely when you need where you need without hurting your grey matter.

All in one place

Capture your world of information - notes, pictures, events, reminders and just about anything with Cadie. You will be proud of how your stuff transforms into neatly organized visual mosaic.

Contextual Awareness

Contextual clues are what our memory relies on but often fails. Add and retrieve your stuff faster than your memory using contexts and tags.


Get recommendations on your notes, events, reminders, To Dos and link them to your notes. Boost your Karma by sharing your own.

Sync and Share

Sync your information with Dropbox and make it available across devices. Share your notes, reminders etc thru email or as PDF documents.


• Note, Notebook.
• Schedule Event, Reminder, To-do List (with sub category of To Do items).

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