AppStore Rules becoming ludicrous



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    Check out this video and see if you guys notice something odd about it.

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    @RP said:
    I can understand how peeps can see this as a drag, but really what Apple needs to do is rework how they are distributing out their apps to their users. It's not really so much the policies and their rights to wave and change anything and everything whenever, it about not issuing the same policy for all content when they fully have the means to advertise/showcase/present apps and content based upon the signed-in age age-confirmed user.

    Heck all they need to do is refine the iTunes & App Store Setting (/preferences) that allows you to shop for teen, mature etc. content, and ta-da, it show up in the store during your searches. If a hospital is handing out iPads to kids to play with and they admin has not set up age restrictions in the settings (which should be on by default), it's on them, when little Billy sees Teddy bear guts.

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    Did you know you can already do that in your phone's General/Restriction settings? You can control more than just the apps the kid can see on the store or play, but Apple still get fined by the FCC.

    Hard to blame them if the government specifically told them doing exactly what you're asking is not good enough to the point of $400+ million payout to parents.

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