App rejected, couldn't find any iAds in game?

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I've searched the forums but everything was about the iOS Advertising Identifier was checked. I don't have that checked.

My app got rejected saying they couldn't find any iAds in game. I've tested on an Adhoc. It is showing the test banner at the bottom. Could this be a problem on Apple's side? I know I have everything correct in Gamesalad.

  • I have the checkbox checked to show ads during scene change with the show banner attribute during those scenes.
  • I have the iAds box checked in Service Configuration when publishing with Gamesalad.
  • During publishing with Apple I don't have iOS Advertising Identifier checked because it's iAds and not Playhaven or the other 3rd party Ads.

And again, It is showing in Adhoc test...

I'm using Gamesalad 12.10


  • AJaymzAJaymz Member, PRO Posts: 164

    Well, published my game again and left comment on what scenes the ads should show up on and asked if they could click through the scenes until they started showing. They approved! So it must have been them. I didn't change anything.

  • Thunder_ChildThunder_Child Member Posts: 2,343

    Yea sometimes they just blow through a game review and reject to quickly. I got rejected once for a timer less than a second where a black screen fades away to game play. I asked them to wait 1/2 second for the game to start. They passed it. Lol

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