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Addicting game!

Go check out my game. Please tell me what to add and what not to add. Thanks!
This is the most updated version.


  • imjustmikeimjustmike Posts: 450Member

    Some instructions would be nice.

  • I will be adding instructions by tommorow!

  • KillerPenguinStudiosKillerPenguinStudios Posts: 1,291Member
    edited December 2014

    Hey @Stop Sign Studios Inc.‌,

    I checked it out and I'll give honest feedback which may seem like harsh feedback. It's okay and not really that addicting. There is not really anything special about it compared to all the other games out there just like it. There wasn't really anything giving me instructions on how to play, as stated by @imjustmike‌. I see you can upgrade your speed but the starting speed is way too slow and makes me want to stop playing as I have almost no chance. The falling rocks should gradually get faster over time, not right out of the gate. I feel that the player egg is too big. Also, I feel it is pointless having the my egg button which takes you to another screen that shows the speed that the egg is at. Should all just be on the first page.

    Another thing is when I am in the game playing and say I am in motion either left or right, after I go to the home screen and My Egg screen, the eggs on both of those screens automatically move in the direction that you were moving when you had died. Also, there are no invisible walls on the sides so I can just go off the screen and never get hit. Another thing is I saw somewhere where it said collect coins. I never saw any coins to collect. The art is okay but does not go together. Looks and feels like you just had some art lying around and threw it in the game. The last thing I noticed which is one of the worst things about the game is after clicking on the shopping cart and going to the "store", when I press the back button it doesn't take me back to the game but rather exits the game and I lose everything.

    I am giving you this feedback for many reasons. 1: You asked for it. 2: It will help you improve things and pay attention to everything and all details. 3: You need people to give you honest feedback and not just being nice feedback. 4: Don't thing you fully play tested it. 5: I gathered all this feedback within about 5 min of playing.

    Hope that all makes sense and hope you don't look at this as me being mean but rather constructive criticism to help improve you and your skills! Also, one last thing, you may want to remove the spaces in your name and either put it all together or use underscores. This is so you can be tagged in posts.

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