GameSalad won't accept any of my provisioning profiles when I try to sign my app

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When I try to sign my app and select my provisioning profile every time and no matter which provisioning profile I select, it comes up with an error that says "Could not code sign because there is no developer identity matching the selected provisioning profile." I set up all of the right certificates and app IDs. Please help!


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    I set up all of the right certificates and app IDs.

    There is an error or inconsistency somewhere or else you would not be getting the message you are getting. I don't want to come off as rude but it has to be your error, it's not an error Apple or Gamesalad would cause.

    You might be best to start the process over completely. Re-do your certificates and ID's and re-publish the app so you are 100% certain every thing matches up correctly.

  • Luke20wLuke20w Member, PRO Posts: 50

    I already tried redoing the whole process and it still doesn't work.

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    Hey @Luke20w‌,

    As @jamie_c‌ said, this would be an error on your end. Make sure all your certificates and provisioning profiles are valid and not expired. Also, did you make sure to download your provisioning profile and after you downloaded it made sure you launched it so it places itself in your Xcode. Also, I would launch Xcode then go into the Accounts Preferences; Click View Details and refresh your provisioning profiles and make sure it is listed in there. Then when publishing make sure your using the correct Bundle ID. One last thing I would check is make sure that you have a iOS distribution certificate attached to the Bundle ID and NOT a iOS development certificate.

    Hope that helps!

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    As they said IS most likey on your end....

    They are a bit lengthy but I have had many people tell me after watching my videos...and in some cases stopping the videos and doing this step by step...solved their issue. Its worth a try.

    See mu publishing tutorials here. Start from scratch. Maybe even delete all instances in iTunes connect and your mac of any previous certificates and profiles.

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