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Important : add monthly licence

hi guys . what your idea ? please add comment on this bug


  • KillerPenguinStudiosKillerPenguinStudios Posts: 1,291Member

    Unfortunately, this will never happen. There are many reasons for it and a lot of it deals with legal things. Also, just a thought, in the bug report you state that, "It Probably would take several weeks to several months to buy GS from the company you must purchase it from because of your location and it's not good for our developers". For some reason I don't think it would take months but say if it did, would't that not be good for you as if you had to pay monthly and it took weeks to months to get then you would have for a month, be without it for weeks to months and so on and so on.

    Also, the other engines are more expensive and that is another reason they do the monthly charge and they just run differently.

    Hope that makes sense!

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