No Sound on Mobile Devices/Tablets when playing HTML5 Arcade Games

Good Morning!

My son and I have been enjoying GameSalad for the last couple of months and finally published a game into the arcade. We're interested in creating mobile web games more so than proper apps at this stage, but are also interested in the PRO account in the near future potentially.

Our issue is that we aren't getting any sound when attempting to play games (ours and other posted in the Arcade) in a mobile/tablet browser. We've tried Apple, Android and Kindle (which is Android I suppose) devices, with and without headphones (one thing we'd read on another forum stream), and a variety of browsers on each device, to no avail. Everything works fine on our PCs and Macs, there's just that mobile bump.

Is there a solution to this, or one in the works? I've ready forum strains dating back to 2013 noting this issue that seem to have gone unresolved. Is it something having to do with being a PRO member? Thanks for your time and help!


  • ASH_InteractiveASH_Interactive Member Posts: 3

    Changing all of the sound files to .wav and replacing the .ogg files did the trick for Android devices. Still no luck on Apple phones/ipads...

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