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Hello! Got some problems

j_d_campbell98j_d_campbell98 Posts: 12Member, PRO

Hi I'm a newbie to Gamesalad so if this is stupid question please don't hate me :) To start off with I decided to make a basic Flappybird style game to introduce me to the basics, I must say it has been a difficult yet rewarding process :D

My main character jumps when you click the screen and can jump in the air infinitely (like flappybird), I made a ceiling so that my character couldn't jump infinitely and so it wouldn't come out the other side (I have Wrap Y on) and made a basic rule that when my character collides with the ceiling he changes velocity downwards (270 degrees) at a speed of 150. My character 9/10 times bounces off the ceiling when the character jumps too high just like how it bounces up the way when it hits the floor but the problem is is that every now and then the character manages to jump through the ceiling that is designed to block him off and comes out the floor which is really not meant to happen.

How do I stop my character from ignoring the change velocity rule? Once again really sorry if this is a stupid question with a really simple answer that I have missed, I tried asking this on the PC section but no one helped :( I'm using PC btw. Thank You!

P.S While I'm here when using Load Attribute what does it mean by "from" and "load"?


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