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SOLVED Reduce Score

DigGeekDigGeek Posts: 1Member
edited January 2015 in Help Wanted

Hi All, I've been using GameSalad for about a week now and am loving it especially as so far I've been able to troubleshoot everything by myself. Unfortunately I'm come up against something now and could use a hand! I have a game where if a character collides with a cup, the score increases by 100 so (game.score)+100. What I need the score to do it to reduce by 50 if the 'wrong' character collides with the cup as the aim of the game is to catch the correct character. I've tried what I thought was logical which is (game.score)-50 for collisions with the wrong characters but that doesn't work at all. Any ideas? Sorry if it's really obvious but I'm totally missing it! Thanks.


  • tatiangtatiang Posts: 11,907Member, Sous Chef, PRO, Senior Sous-Chef

    Please post a screenshot of your rules. What you've described will work but only if you've set it up correctly. You'll need to first upload your file(s) to a file-sharing site such as MediaFire and the post the link here.

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  • DigGeekDigGeek Posts: 1Member

    Hi tatiang - thanks for your reply. I tried a similar formula for reducing lives and after a bit of shuffling was able to make that work. I can now apply that solution to my score set up - you're right, the problem was in my set up and where I had placed the rule. Thanks again!

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