xienixsxienixs Member Posts: 17
Just want to know if some things are possible before i getting excited and get further into gamesalad!...

as [img] [/img] is not working =\

Thus that the ramp is "circle" shaped and that a vehicle can go on it. So far I did not found a proper and nice solution for this as GameSalad draws a rectangle box around it...


  • StrobanikStrobanik Member Posts: 77

    you could place a lot of invisble squares, building up the physical ramp, and then put the image of the ramp on top of them. it would require a couple of squares to make it smooth, but it would certainly work.

  • xienixsxienixs Member Posts: 17
    Oke managed to do that some kind for a ramp. But now i have like 5 figures. Is it possible to group those so I can easily copy and past it somewhere along the track?
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