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I'm working on a project in the Windows Creator that has a lot of rules and timer-based loops. I exported it to my Mac to test the new Mac version of the creator but when I try to edit the actor in the Mac creator (with a lot of rules, loops), the editor just hangs with the spinning wheel. It's quite disappointing to not be able to even work on my project in the Mac version of the creator and have to resort to either the limited 0.10.5 version of the Windows editor or the VERY buggy 0.12.1 nightly build. I would much rather work in the Mac creator, but if I can't even edit my actors in the Mac version, I feel quite stuck!



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    Now, it just crashes after sitting unresponsive for awhile... Is there is NO WAY for me to edit my actor in the Mac version?!? What do I do? FYI, the actor is populating a table of 350 items, with about 50 rules... Seems fine in the Windows creator, but WTF in the Mac version??? HELP!!!

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    You might want to file a ticket with support. I've certainly seen slow downs when opening an actor with that many rules in Mac Creator but there may be something else going on that they can help you with.

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    Yeah, well I'm about to give up on this... Windows creator is incomplete. Windows nightly build is just plain unstable/unusable and the Mac editor hangs/crashes... I've never seen such inconsistency in an SDK/development environment across iterations/versions... One would think the functions and commands would at least be consistent across the two platforms, but not so. I've invested so many hours working on this platform so I'm feeling quite defeated!

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    please submit a support ticket with us and we will help with the issue.

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