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Looking to put together a 3 man team

projeck30projeck30 Posts: 1Member

Hello everyone, I'm Chris or better known as Projeck30 in the gaming world. I've always had a dream of producing a game that people would enjoy and get hours of fun out of. Finding GS I believe this dream is possible now. I recently had surgery so will have 6-12 weeks of recovering and thought this may be the best time to chase this dream. I'm looking to add two members to my team to get my idea off the ground. I will be looking for someone with art/sound background, and someone that has worked with GS a good amount. My goal in the end will be to release a simple, yet fun game for everyone. Payment will depend on how well the game does. Everyone will get there share if the game is a hit. Hopefully I can get a trusting team together and begin producing more and more games together. If your interested in this type of project please feel free to pm me or email me at [email protected]

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