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HELP: Why does my game not show up in the Arcade?

kaiseriumkaiserium Posts: 4Member

Hi, there. So I filled out all the required info in the general info tab needed to publish, published my game, received the message, "Congratulations. Your app is ready!", but for whatever reason, my game "NeonDancer" does not show up in the Arcade. I understand you need a minimum of 78% in order to have a public listing, but I have done that, so I am confused. Can anyone please tell me why this is?

I provided a title, description, and screenshots, and filled out the questionnaire, but still -- nothing...


  • BBEnkBBEnk Posts: 1,764Member

    searching for games on Arcade really sucks all you need is to add your user name to link like I did below.

  • kaiseriumkaiserium Posts: 4Member

    Well, I added the link to my user name, but still, no luck. That is sucky. Only way a person can find my game now is by clicking on my username. GameSalad should allow us to easily find each other's games. We should be able to make tags like on YouTube. But thanks, anyway, BBEnk :)

  • OscarsCodingOscarsCoding Posts: 92Member

    I found you game instantly when I searched NeonDancer. Nice game by the way!

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