How can I transfer my table values?

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Hi, I've been making my multiple quiz for my voca test by following

this video.
But at the end of making this quiz, I find I need to make a 'Wrong Scene' to check what I missed.
So, how can I transfer table value from original table to wrong-answered table when I click wrong answer to 'Wrong Scene'?
I would really appreciate any help!!


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    Hi @hikiduck12 and welcome to the Forums.

    Using the Change Table Value behaviour should do it, inserting in the Value field, a tableCellValue to get the value you want transferred.

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  • hikiduck12hikiduck12 Member Posts: 5

    @gyroscope‌ Thank you for your help!
    But.. can you help me more with Change Table Value behaviour? I don't know how to use it at all. I tried it these few days but it didn't work... And I can't even figure out that transferring is succeeded while I running the game.
    Furthermore, if I use Change Table Value, does it transfer the value in order?
    For example, if I get wrong on Quiz number 1 and 3, aren't they each saved on row 1 and 3 of Table 'Wrong' ?
    Again, I really appreciate your help!

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