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Mic control

CreativeRiverCreativeRiver Posts: 43Member
Is there a way on GS when a user blows on the mic to active a sound or make an actor react?

In my next update of an app if mine, I would like the user the chance to blow into the mic rather than click a button.



  • RHRH Posts: 1,079Member
  • FranzKellerFranzKeller Posts: 517Member
    I'd like there to be sound reactivity as an option in GS! ;-)

    but consider that mic controlled games can be very limiting -

    for example, you can't play them when anyone else is around without looking silly. ;-)
    (I had trouble with a particular N DS title for this reason - can't shout in a crowded room?)

    Also, you may accidentally spit on your device or your neigbor?
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