PHP script needed for Multiplayer Game $Paid Job

App_MakerApp_Maker Member, PRO Posts: 64

I am looking for someone to help right a few php scripts to work with Gamesalad network rules. I will pay for your services. Below is one of the php scripts I need.

Basically I want the player to be able to search a term or multiple terms and bring back all the results in the database that match it.

In the example below the player searches the gsTest table in the playerName column for names matching "james". I want the player to input any search value they desire.

$query = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM gsTest WHERE playerName LIKE '%james%' ");

With Gamesalads latest nightly build 13.2 it has features to send/get attributes, rows, or tables. I want someone to help integrate those rules with what I'm trying to do to allow the player to search the database based on search terms the inputed and return the results to the app.

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