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Submitting for ipad and then changing?

My game is built using the iPad size.

I want to know if I can submit to Apple and limit my game (for now) only to the iPad?
Then later once I add the "universal binary" code so it works on iphones too, can I later change the listing to say it works on other devices as well? Or does Apple not allow you to do that?

(I have never published on iOS, so this question is mainly for people who have experience publishing there)



  • BBEnkBBEnk Posts: 1,764Member

    You can and the listing will update on apples side automatically and show universal, and of course you can always add in the update text that it's now universal yourself.

    I've done this before.

  • ryastryast Posts: 145Member

    Perfect! Thanks, BB! I'll be using the code you helped me with... but still a bit confused with it so I thought I'll finish the game "normally" then mess around with the UB :)

    You really should make a Youtube video (with voice please! I found a few of your vids but no sound) so doofus' like me can understand it!

  • BBEnkBBEnk Posts: 1,764Member

    Yea I think my thread over complicates how easy it really is. I'll see what I can do about that.

  • ryastryast Posts: 145Member
    edited January 2015

    You da man, dude! You DA man!

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