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Apple going to announce something new this Friday!

sebmat86sebmat86 Posts: 339Member

Not sure if this has been brought up here already, couldn't find anything... But the rumor says that the announcement could be a new Apple TV but this time with a handheld gaming control. What do you think? Would be really cool!



  • RPRP Posts: 1,990Member

    Funny, there is this thing called search. I'm Pretty sure everyone is privy to it.

  • sebmat86sebmat86 Posts: 339Member

    Glad you're amused, you're welcome! :wink:

    I really couldn't find any existing discussion with a title something like "This Friday's announcement and what it could be". I'd be really happy to let this thread die if you could redirect me to that tread, @RP‌ :smile:

    Thanks and cheers!

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