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uploading binary to the app store problems

I am trying to send my binary to the appstore, but whenever i load the .zip file it opens my older app and then gives me an error. It says "ERROR ITMS-90062. this bundle is invalid and the version has to be a newer version (not 1.0). I am trying to release a new game, so I am not sure why it keeps opening up an older game. Any help would be appreciated


  • GrolarbearGrolarbear Posts: 50Member

    I've seen that you have to be in itunes connect for this to work. I finished everything in the version information and stuff but am unable to upload the right file

  • QASaladQASalad Posts: 142Key Master, Head Chef, Member, PRO GameSalad Employee

    In web publishing, change the version number to something else besides 1.0 (like 1.1 or 2.0 etc), then re-generate the app, sign it, compress it, and send it via Application Loader. Every time a build is submitted, the version number must be changed now unfortunately.

  • GrolarbearGrolarbear Posts: 50Member

    Thanks for the help, I changed the version and it was able to send. But now I have two problems , 1 when I try to upload the zip it sends an older game and to it says that my game needs 64 bit support

  • GrolarbearGrolarbear Posts: 50Member

    I undertsnd the 64 bit support doesn't need to be fixed right now but for some reason when i sent the binary through the application loader it can only be released as an update to one of my older games and not my newer game. It shows that in application loader and in the my apps section.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated

  • GrolarbearGrolarbear Posts: 50Member

    I figured out what the problem was. I was actually using the same bundle identifier for both games under different profiles, instead of different bundle identifiers.

  • JPGamesFactoryJPGamesFactory Posts: 174Member, PRO

    A new app need univoque :

    • app ID
    • Bundle identifier
    • Provisioning profile for adhoc
    • Provisioning profile for AppStore

    Update an app need :

    • change version in itunes connect
    • Change version in GS pubblish page
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