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App downloads just dropped off the face of the earth

Hey guys, need your thoughts.

We released an app, had good keyword rankings, a few days after its launch we started getting 20 to 40 downloads per day. We did absolutely no promotion for this app. All downloads were organic. This trend continued for 5 weeks then BAM this last Friday (week ago today) it got zero downloads and has not had a download since.

App is still active in the store (iTunes)
Keyword ranking as even improved a bit since launch.

I am at a total lose to figure out what is happening.

Can some of you long time developers help shed some light on this for me?

Heres a link to it in case you need to see something there (hope this is not inappropriate, not trying to promote it just need some insight)

Thanks in advance for any thoughts or suggestions you may have.


  • GnarlyGnarly canadaPosts: 840Member

    Just downloaded it a minute ago. See if it shows up.......

  • metametmetamet Posts: 80Member, PRO

    Well you are correct in that your ranking dropped out of
    the top 500 casino apps. However, looking at your rankings for keywords your highest one is 23 for "tropical slots" which isn't high at all especially for your own app name. Also your drop in installs isn't related to search, more likely Apple changing their algorithm (they do this all the time).

    To capture more downloads, try to get some reviews since you have none (you should be getting a review ever few hundred downloads anyway) and also add more screenshots, and make sure they are descriptive and really show what sets your game apart.

  • TirelessGrapesTirelessGrapes Posts: 13Member

    Metamet - Thank you for the insight, very helpful.

    Ill work on what you said.

  • metametmetamet Posts: 80Member, PRO

    You should get an Appannie account and look at your analytics. A very useful tool there is looking at how your apps rank for search terms. You can see the trend of how your rank is so you'll know if you drop.

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