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Okay guys for the past few days Ive been working on a site. I want to know what you think of my idea and see if you would be interested in participating. The other day I thought, what better way to see everyones abilities than with holding a competition? So I put together a website that may be starting the first iGame Challenge!

Heres some of the basic specs (ill go into details if we have enough interest). First of all it will be a competition between any developer who wants to enter to see who can make the best game. You will have a solid 6 months to get the images made for your game and completely finish it. After those 6 months are up (and some during the competition) we will have voting by anyone who comes to the site to see who will win the ultimate prize! Basically we will have voting open to everyone even if you want to vote for your own app but it will cost somewhere around 10 cents per vote. That means if you make a really good game and people like it (they will be able to play, but we will get more information on that later).

You might say thats not fair if you can vote for your own game, so we have 2 responses: first of all yes it is because your just spending your prize money if you win and secondly that will only count as 60% of the final decision. The other 40% will be decided by kids and adults of different ages that we bring in here to rate your app.

The site will be updated every day with new people joining the competition and you as registered competitors will get an entire page on the website dedicated to your game. We will provide a space for a description of your game, a place for the name of your game, and 10 slots for screenshots of your game (progressing so you may update 1 or 2 times per week).

The entry fee would be from $50-$100 with maybe a "Pro" entry that would get you at the top of the list and allow you to upload videos of your game in action to your profile. The voting would begin a little bit in and we are planning on launching an app store app that would allow people to view profiles of competitors and even vote on them right from their device. You would be allowed to do more than one game over those 6 months but keep in mind you will have to pay another entry fee.

There will be a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winner with the top prize being around $1,000-$1,500 maybe more if we get enough entries. We will probably be offering a deal to the first 10 or so to enter so please post below if you think its a good idea and I'll post the website ASAP if we get enough takers. Please participate!

Let me know what you think about the competition and all of the ideas I have posted here comment on as many specifics as you would like and please tell me if you would be willing to participate. Thanks!


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    You think people other than developers would be interested in paying 10¢ to vote? I don't see that happening. What's the incentive for people to vote? Is this an established site? Do you have traffic?

    Good luck to you, but I'm very skeptical.
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    I already paid $99 to GameSalad and $99 to Apple and I'm hoping to make back more than $1000-1500 ;-)
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    It would be supporters of seeing that app in the store. I didnt go into detail enough on that Im sorry. They would be getting to test that persons app, provide feed back, and definitely get a free copy when they went into the app store.

    Also, these games wouldnt be allowed to go into the app store until the competition was over to make it fair.

    Finally no the site isn't even up yet, and the site wouldn't be all about traffic but with the free app in the app store it will generate around 500-1000 unique views per day to the site as potential voters (based on another app I currently have out that is free). The developers goal would be to tell friends and family and also provide the best profile they could over those 6 months to gain attraction of votes from people on the app. We would probably provide a few free votes too.
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    @polygame this is just for making one game :D you can still develop other games! And on top of that after the competition is over your game will have attention already and then you will be able to put it in the app store and make a ton off of it too on there! Its a two in one package.
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    I'm not keen to spend money to enter a competition and NOT be able to launch my game in the App Store. Others might be... good luck.
  • SethsAppsSethsApps Member, PRO Posts: 328
    Thanks, hopefully Ill get some more takers once the app hits the app store.
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    I think you missed out the $0 option in the poll. Personally I would never pay (any of those amounts) to enter a competition unless it was something official, run by a large game development company or something. Sorry.
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