[rev-share] Help Graphics at platformer

Looking for a graphic to my game. The game is mostly done as a hobby, but I plan to spend it commercially for a small price. To help I have a very talented musician. As an aid in the project could offer 10-15% of the profits from the game.

As for the game itself:

People have long worshiped angels worship, which provided that defend them when they decide to attack the demons. She was, however, a handful of people who did not believe, know that the angels will not do anything, and instead of blindly worship them, trained and prepared for the arrival of the demons. People hated them and when caught unbeliever immediately sentenced him to be tortured or burned at the stake. In the end, the demons came. Destroyed the greater part of the kingdom of men. Survived only those areas where the unbeliever defended. People may see on the eyes, turned away from the angels. There have been many believers, but they were still, the angels gave honor and tępili believers. Those who survived the train and decided to "thank" the angels for their help.

The game combines elements of platforming action games and role-playing game with a kind roguelike. At the heart of this play is to jump between platforms, avoid traps and fight with many enemies, who appear in random places on the boards. The game is scheduled for the time being 18 characters, each has its own abilities. In addition, there is a whole bunch of monsters on each of the boards, and a considerable number of items.

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