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Will iOS4 slow my iPhone 3g down?

JCFordJCFord Posts: 785Member
edited November -1 in Introductions
I have a 8gb iPhone 3g and was looking forward to installing the new iOS4. Apart from the reported issues with installing I have also read that this new OS runs very slow on the 3g iPhones, so much so that some users are reporting that they wish they had not installed it.

Is there anyone from the GS community who can report if the speed is okay on a 3g or if it is an issue?



  • giacomopoppigiacomopoppi Posts: 914Member, PRO
    i read an article saying that iOS4 is working slower on 3G iPhones than the 3.0.
    but it shouldn't slow down too much ;)
  • iPhoneDevForMeiPhoneDevForMe Posts: 362Member
    My wife and I both have a 8gb 3G.

    Mine runs a little slower, iBooks being the slowest application. The slow downs are really not that bad at all in my opinion.

    My wife's, runs very slow. We are not quite sure why, but it is lagging quite a bit, especially when trying to text message. I am assuming it would be best for us to restore her phone and reinstall it just in case something happened.

    So as of now it seems to work just fine, but there are cases of it slowing down and becoming a problem.
  • chosenonestudioschosenonestudios Posts: 1,714Member
    My 2nd Gen Touch runs fine... :D At one point even multitasking 33 apps! :D
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