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Issues with GameSalad Preview

dmilinovichiiidmilinovichiii Posts: 620Member
edited November -1 in Tech Support
Just recently, after I dragged some actors into a scene, I decided to look at how things were going from my ipod so i selected to preview the level on my ipod. The first scene loaded and was frozen. I couldn't click anything on my ipod so I went back and decided to test my game in the built in GameSalad previewer. The same thing happened. I restarted my computer and nothing changed. Other than this, I haven't discovered any problems, but I really need to be able to preview my work. Has anyone else had this problem and does anyone know how to fix it? I'm on the last level and really close to finished.


  • dmilinovichiiidmilinovichiii Posts: 620Member
    I tried running other games I've made and they run normally. Anyone?
  • firemaplegamesfiremaplegames Posts: 3,206Member
    Are you getting a black screen?

    If so, it is a syntax error.

    You could have an extra/missing parenthesis somewhere, but it is more likely that you have a 'dangling' Attribute somewhere.

    Check all of your Rules in every Actor, and make sure there are no 'game' or 'self' tags with missing attributes. Check the 'otherwise' sections of your Rules as well.

    Check those actors that you just added to the Scene as those are most likely the guilty parties.
  • dmilinovichiiidmilinovichiii Posts: 620Member
    Thank you soooooooooo much! I had an extra collision attribute in my main character that was supposed to collide with an actor I deleted.
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