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i know this is a long shot but i will post my request here and if some1 is willing to help please let me know.

I work at a Bank and my Bank frequently make charity events for kids etc., These charity events have a goal of helping kids that are not as fortunate as us. We even adopted one school, that teaches kids with special needs - employees chip in every month so we can give kids a hope of a better life.

I was thinking about making a small and short game that would work on windows, on android and would be playable on our website.

I will explain the game and if you can post guides or help me in anyway it would be much appretiated. I tried guides etc what i could find and this is probbaly very simple to do - but not to me :)

The Game:

  • main char Vila Dobrila (The Fairy - i would use our charity logo that one of the kid with special needs painted)
  • Fairy would start in the middle and slowly fall or go up if you press on her
  • Basic bacground with blue sky and white clouds
  • Fairy would constantly move forward and your goal would be to collect presents that are coming towards her. 2 sets of presents - one basic that gives 1 point and one special that gives 3 points (and comes less frequently)
  • Also there would be small cute devils coming towards her that you need to avoid by going up or down (or anykind of obstacle)
  • if you touch the bottom or the obstacle you die
  • there is a score sheet and top 20 scores
  • The game will have 15 min time limit and will move faster every minute after the first one.
  • After you die or finish the game there would be a msg explaining how donate to charity and what we do

If you can post a guide how to make this with free version on windows and to work on windows, android and is playable on our website this would be great.

Thank you for reading and sorry for bad spelling, english is not my native language

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