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JET EAGLES Please Comment

AkonronAkonron Posts: 11Member
edited November -1 in Announce Your Game!
Please comment the game. It is only a beta,
but it will really help with some new ideas;)


  • nulonulo Posts: 315Member
    alright! updates!
    loved the way that your view moves left and right just with the position of the mouse (just like a fps) much better then the mouse+left/right key combination.
    the shaking really gives an extra visual detail.
    love to be able to buy new aircrafts, and upgrade them. the transparent hud is a great upgrade!
    i bought the radar but it didn't work or show up on the screen, not sure..
    like the extra gameplay style. maybe you could use one of them for boss fights or even just different modes as u putted "attack" and "defend"
    nice work!! now u need to put some sounds to see how that works out!
  • AkonronAkonron Posts: 11Member
    Thanks for the reply!

    I know i need sounds, but i cant make the program accept them.
    What audio-format is needed to be used within the software?
  • adent42adent42 Posts: 1,497Key Master, Head Chef, Executive Chef, Member, PRO GameSalad Employee
    Sounds need to be in ogg vorbis format (*.ogg). See here:
  • AkonronAkonron Posts: 11Member
    thanks for the quick reply.
    I'll check it out...
  • superNESsuperNES Posts: 166Member

    It's pretty awesome; it converts your audio online, so no need to find a downloadable converter or anything. It accepts various types of formats and can export to ogg and beyond.
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