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Can anyone help me (with tables)

pitikarmolpitikarmol Posts: 12Member
edited February 2015 in Community Tutorials

I'm working on a game where you need to cut off the screen and block enemies into tiny space. So i need that every time my actor cuts off the screen another actor to spawn right after (a box). And if a large portion of the screen is cut off i need it to be filled up with boxes as long as there are not enemies inside that space, If any then a single row of boxes spawn.
I was thinking to divide the scene/screen into table cells with a boolean and to automatically detect my actor with true/false every time he passes a cell and spawn the box actor and same time to check if any enemy is in the square when cutting off a large amount of the screen.
Or maybe there is another way.....
Any idea is welcomed because i find myself stuck.


  • ookami007ookami007 Posts: 581Member

    Actually, using a table and keeping track of the enemy movements and character movements was my first idea.

  • pitikarmolpitikarmol Posts: 12Member seems like this game project i will have to leave it for moment and go for another one until i learn more about GS and gain more experience.

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