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Anyone need quality 2D graphics, or original custommade music?

FungoEntertainmentFungoEntertainment Posts: 36Member
Well, first of all they aren't sprites. I make my graphics in an animation software, and export the frames as separate png files. They turn out great. Check out some graphics for my new upcoming game "Insect Invaders". I would also make original music for any game. Trust me, the music isn't sampled-like, or short loops. It has great quality. I'll post some of that too. Now, the pricing. I will give you 5 files for free. Music, or graphics - you choose. The graphics will be 5 complete, full size and quality pictures. Animated or still, you choose. The music, or audio files, will be full length, full quality, and no noise will be overwritten. Now, after you use your 5 files, the additional files will be paid for. The price will be arranged by your liking. ALL MUSIC AND GRAPHIC WILL BE CUSTOM-MADE FOR YOUR GAME, EVERYONE WILL HAVE UNIQUE GRAPHICS!!!


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