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Hi all,
In the cannon template, i'm totally lost on how to display the angle of the cannon.
The cannon is directed by the mouse using the "rotate to position" behavior.

I created a game attribute called "angle" with a value of 0 and an actor called "actor display"
In the actor editor, I added the display text behavior and the text was..."game.Angle"

So as of right now, in my scene, it displays an angle of how do I make it so that the number changes with respect to the angle of the cannon?



  • firemaplegamesfiremaplegames Member Posts: 3,211
    In the cannon actor, constrain the game.Angle attribute that you made to the cannon's rotation...


    Constrain Attribute: game.Angle To: self.Rotation

    That way that Attribute will always be updated.
  • jimmyraynorjimmyraynor Member Posts: 22
    Ah, self.Rotation, that's what i was missing! Thanks, i appreciate it!
    Works perfectly.
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