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2 types of movement at the same time?

LordTarantorLordTarantor Posts: 890Member, PRO
edited November -1 in Working with GS (Mac)
Ok let say that I am rotating, moving in circles. Ipress up and I move one way around and I press down and I move the other way around. That is a ship. Now what if I want to keep moving around but at the same time I want my ship to be able to move up, down, left and right? One way is to aply the move rule Up,down,left and right) to the background so the ship look like is moving but that is not what I want. I want the ship to be able to doit.
Is that possible?


  • jstrahanjstrahan Posts: 498Member
    i'm dizzy
  • LordTarantorLordTarantor Posts: 890Member, PRO
    I know Imagine my self that have to live with this complications
  • LordTarantorLordTarantor Posts: 890Member, PRO
    Hey I am having the same trouble, not the dizzynes.
    I want to be able to move anywere while moving in a circle.
  • aracknoraracknor Posts: 54Member
    Same question over here
  • LordTarantorLordTarantor Posts: 890Member, PRO
    wow mulcahy, I am a fan. Last week when I downloaded the GS and read your interview I went to look for you in the app store and got all your games.

    Back to my problem, can you explain the interpolate a little bit more.
    I am trying to do the two movements at the same time. Like with the Up and Down: move in circle clockwise and counter clockwise and maybe with the W,A,S and D: move up,down,left and right.
  • scitunesscitunes Posts: 4,047Member, Sous Chef
    Here's what I would do. Find the chainsaw demo (it shows how to use trig to have one actor circle another). It even shows how to move the center actor (which you can make invisible). This will solve all of your problems for you. Just look in the shared projects. Seriously, it's great! I plan to use it someday for something!
  • aracknoraracknor Posts: 54Member
    scitunes you are the bomb, thanks a lot Genius, Genius...
  • LordTarantorLordTarantor Posts: 890Member, PRO
    It work like a charm. Thanks scitunes You same me from insomnia.
    Thank you very much.

    Hey aracknor did you find the answerd for the jumpines?
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