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Kickstarter Board Game Needs an App

iainjgfletcheriainjgfletcher Posts: 1Member
edited February 2015 in Help Wanted

Hi Everyone,

I'm running a kickstarter for a Zombie Board Game and I'm really interested in converting it into an App.

To see what type of game it is, check out the gameplay youtube video:

Would you mind running me a quote for how much to develop this board game into an app?

How long do you think it'd take given the type of game it is?

Just needs a random number generator (no A.I.) and a bunch of buttons that open different windows... things like "if this button is pushed then open this image)... and of course, a scroll/zoom function...

Sorry for rambling, I suppose I'm just so bad at app programing that I've no clue what it would take to make this into an app.

You can check out the board game at:

If you think you can do it, then I'd like to purchase your services.

Thanks so much,

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