Can't get GAMESALAD PLUG-IN to work.

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First of all I can't stress how happy / thrilled / excited I am that you have made a program like Game Salad. I will be first in line to get it when it is capable of creating iPhone apps!!!

Unfortunately, I have only been able to READ about GAME SALAD and the Plug-in because I cant get either to work properly. The latest game creator (0.4.1-alpha) starts up - but won't let me import anything or even input a "text" name and then just crashes....

Now, that said - I am running Mac OS X 10.5.6 Dual 2.3 GHz PowerPC G5 machine. Will this program ONLY work on Intel-based machines?

Secondly, I installed the latest "Game Salad plug-in" for Safari, and still I can't even open / play games on your Game demo screen. I am using the latest Safari Browser, and still it doesn't work. Your description says it works on PowerPC machines, so I do no know what it not working.

Your information says "users" can make games to be put on the web on myspace, facebook, etc ... are users going to need the plug-in to get them to run as well? And it is Mac only? or will PC users going to be able to play them.

Lastly, once the Game Salad Creator is ready to create iPhone apps, will "video" be able to be added to the playback function. The reason I ask is that I am in development of a game that occasionally will need to playback some video clips for information, and it would be great if users will be able to make their app play a video clip and then return to gameplay, etc.

Is the iPhone capable creator in the "near future" or is it months if not years away ... just don't want to get my hope up and then be waiting a year for it to be possible.

Any help or additional information would be great.

Thank you.


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    Thank you for your input. Currently, GameSalad Creator and the GameSalad Plug-in only work on Intel based Macs. Good catch. We were a little ahead of ourselves on our tech specs when it comes to the PowerPC machines.
    Users will need to plug-in to be able to the games from Facebook, MySpace, etc.
    PC users can not currently play the games, but we are working on the plug-in now so they can.
    Video won't be offered in the near iteration.
    We will probably announce something by April 2009 about the iPhone capabilities.
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    Thank you for your reply.

    I would have thought that enabling video playback would have been a fairly straight forward fature to implement. In all the SDK and information I have gather about the iPhone apps process, programs (apps) can utilize other already exsisting features in the iPhone. IE, making a program that lets you select a photo in your "Photo" library or getting name / contact info from your "contact list", etc. Video playback is already built into the iPhone, so I would have thought (and this is me just taking a guess) that it would be a very useful feature.

    I have seen a lot of games / apps that are available that the creators usually stick a video clips with a fast tutorial, intro, or logo at the beginning that is a video file that is so much more "elegant" than a still frame image that appears.

    If you decide it is something worth while, I would be litearlly first in line to get the finished app because what I am in the process of creting uses a "heavy" amount of video playback throughout the game for clues and info.

    Thanks again.
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