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  • peachpellenpeachpellen Member Posts: 977
    It's cool. The diabetes does suck - although my insulin pump is better than shots. Diabetic for 10 years as of the 16th of this month. Got it when I was 10.

    I'm OK with it though - will be better in awhile when I've got more money to control my diet and such - and ultimately there are far worse things to have :)

    With the moving out thing, I did not get on with my narcissistic father and I knew that if I got up the courage to leave (which I had for a long time but couldn't legally prior to 16) my mother would also leave - which she did - and made a great home for my sisters :) A happy ending - so it's all good.

    I love Sydney the best - but the Gold Coast is awesome too, I've been there a few times. I wish I were there now, it's FREEZING here. Heh. They're a few degrees warmer.

    84 cents is OK, but not ideal. The lower the better for me right now ^-^; I feel like a traitor but I do feel glad when the dollar drops a little bit - that happens when you've been thinking USD to AUD for the past 5 years.

    I hope that I'll get into the UK or EURO eventually on some level, although all my online stuff will be packed up basically if the apps fly :P I hope they do.

    That's awesome about your first app; and your earnings in that time. Very promising considering it hasn't even been a year yet :D I'm happy for you.

    Can you recommend any NDS titles? Might be looking for something new to play next week. If you list your fave games maybe I can check some of them out :)
  • butterbeanbutterbean Member Posts: 4,315
    Glad you got out of the house and got out of that situation, good for me, takes a lot of guts at that age !

    Sydney is awesome, but yes, I agree, it's bloody cold in the Winter!

    Nintendo DS games.... hmmm so many to choose from!

    My favorites have to be:

    Mario Kart (of course that's a no brainer ) and Super Mario Brothers (another no brainer!)

    Legend of Starfy (densetsu no Stafy in Japan) is really cute, but not sure if it ever took off, it was a series that was popular in Japan, and finally made it to the states :)

    Children of Mana (only because I'm such a huge fan of the Mana series)

    Professor Layton and the Curious Village: Cute Puzzler with Role playing elements, a must buy!

    I also just purchased the Sonic Collection too! Has 4 Sonic Games: Sonic 1, Sonic 2, Sonic 3, and Sonic and Knuckles

    Contra 4: speaks for itself!

    Yoshi's Island DS

    Rythm Heaven: So good, my Mom was hooked, and beat me!

    Zelda Series

    Castlevania Series, can't go wrong!

    I could go on and on... so many backlogs of games and so little time!
  • peachpellenpeachpellen Member Posts: 977
    Thanks - it was a good move for me :)

    Yoshi's Island DS - never played it - love Mario - totally the first one I will check out :D

    After that I think Sonic and perhaps Rhythm Heaven - I have one of the Zelda games, PHG, must get ST :D

    I'm off to bed for now - it's f'in freezing! Cheers for the shares. When I eventually get mah dam iDevice (oh god, let it be SOON!) I'll review as that was the point of this thread, lol.

    At least the ongoing chit chat has kept you bumped, though ;)
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