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Game Rejected because of rotating ads


My latest app Falcon Fail was in review but got rejected. Here is what Apple says:

...2.2 Details

We discovered one or more bugs in your app when reviewed on iPad running iOS 8.1.3 .

If user fails to remove ads before the first one appears, it manifests sideways with no dismiss button. Rotating the iPad to portrait, then landscape will reorient the ad, but dismiss button is still inaccessible. One must force quit the app and re-launch to gain access to the purchase button.

The steps to reproduce are:

Launch app
Play a game or two until ad appears.
Try to dismiss ad and return to play or purchase

I have the autorotation in the projects set to Landscape Left = true on both 2 scenes.
and in publishing both landscape modes are true.

I use UB and published with 0.12.20

Anyone else getting this or am I missing something?
I'll try making an ad hoc and turn on Autorotate Landscape Right = true as well. If that works I'll post again.



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