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Orcs - Update Adding Quests and Archers

BigDaveBigDave Posts: 2,239Member
edited February 2015 in Announce Your Game!

So the first little update for the Game Orcs is out.

Adding a new quest and a second building screen, that teases that more content is added but does not yet have any, instead linking to the Facebook page.

The new Quest 4 added a thread that overlaps from the quest screen to the building/tapping/chopping screen.
A projectile that is shoot against the orc tower taking away % of the total wood you own.
The only way to remove this threat is to finish the new quest.

Which requires faster tapping the closer you come to the actual quest price because the arrow takes % and not a fix value of your wood.

On Android the update is out since a week and most players already finished the new challenge and ask on Facebook for more quests. On iPhone the approval is yet to be given by apple.

So if you want to support me guys please like Orcs on Facebook, Share and care.

I already finished the next update, adding Archer Orcs to the mix. He will walk behind the warrior and shoot an arrow once a while. You can also upgrade him up to level 99, as you can with the Orc Warrior.

This is a small Teaser for the new guys.


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