Blocks Buster "Centipede/Galaga/Bubble Shooter Clone" on Google Play!

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Here's my latest game on Google Play:

Please download and check it out :D

Blocks Buster

Blast blocks away in a 2D arcade action highly-addictive puzzle game.
Face big waves of block invaders. Collect power-ups to increase your fire power. Stand your ground against the block shape-shifting horde in a pure arcade puzzle shooter. Inspired by classic arcade games like Centipede, Space-invader, Galaga, and Bubble Shooter, Block Blaster brings an entirely new level of non-stop action.
✔ 7 Upgradeable weapons that will blow away the onslaught shape shifting blocks! Use the grenades, rapid fire and devastating weapon power-ups to destroy them!
✔ Target your enemies' critical weak spots to strike a chain of ultra COMBO attacks.
✔ Global high scores let you compete against players from around the world
✔ Intuitive mouse pad type controls for easy maneuvering.

Please download and check it out :D
Many thanks Gamesalad!!!

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