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Chartboost & Gambling adverts.

So a few weeks ago my 'Flappy Santa' game was branded as a gambling app by the machine that is Google.

Recently, another game - had its rating changed from 'everyone' to 'mature' - not bad for a game where all you do is tap on flying birds.

Perplexed for weeks, google of course won't tell you the reasons why the change in ratings were made and importantly, you CAN'T change it back once 'Google Edit' has been made. VERY annoying.

Then, a customer contacted me saying how much they loved one of my games (great!) but the amount of gambling adverts meant that their child had to stop playing it. Firstly, it was great to see a parent be so responsible, but then I was shocked as to why those kind of adverts suddenly appeared.

Playing my own games, I haven't seen any such adverts but was concerned. After digging around, I found a handy little box within the campaign/Advanced Targeting to block 17+ rated adverts.

So I have done this, and hoping those adverts won't be targeting games suitable for all, but its clear that the powers that be are becoming tougher and tougher on almost everything.

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