In-App Purchase and Game Center not working in AdHoc?

MarpCarkMarpCark Member Posts: 121

Hi guys. Im literally just about to upload my app to the app store, but just to make sure everything was in working order, i thought id run an AdHoc test. Everythings working great, the ads are appearing where they are supposed to etc. But my In App Purchase button that gets rid of ads doesn't seem to be working. I used Armelline's IAP Tutorial Template and integrated it into my app. I changed no coding, just the graphics. I press the button to buy 'No Ads' and it changes to 'Please Wait', but then nothing happens after that, and the ads still show. Usually id have to manually change the callback using other actors in the creator to simulate a successful purchase. Also my Post score to Game Center button does nothing either. Is all of this normal? Cheers.
EDIT: Just discovered something to do with Apple Sandbox? Do i need to use this?

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